today I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.. which is incredibly hard.. since there is a wall in the way.. but however I managed it.. I am totally backwards and screwed up today. it is a pain. first off I locked myself out of my apartment.. I wasn’t even ready to leave.. but I left.. then realized I didn’t have anything but my cell phone.. so I was able to call and wake matiss to have him let me in. but.. I felt bad. and it sucked. and then.. fo soem reason - even though I left my house around 8:25 I wasn’t able to get to work at the propsed 8:50 that I attempted. it didn’t make a damn bit of sense. I can leave my house at 8:40 and get their by 9:10 any day of the week.. but attempting to get there before 9 is IMPOSSIBLE apparently.

last night I hung out with hiromi and matiss after having a really fun dinner wiht morgan. w00t. I made a surprise for my friend ella which hiromi is bringing to taiwan. I am excited.

today!! sad song day… wheeeee