for the love of god it was a great weekend. Work has been interesting. a lot of drama and going forwards-ness. it is nice. finally stuff is getting done. but at the expense of a lot of comfortability and weird weird situations. anyway..

On friday I came home and took a nap. I talked with ladawn a bunch on the phone which was awesome, she seems to be doing wonderful. I decided that my room is a complete mess, but I am going to have to deal with it :( - whatever. so I went to sushi wabi with liz and scott. it was awesome. we had an intervention with eac other. I talked nonsense.. since I was insane… but we hugn out with chris, tyson, felix and dave the hustler. it was dope. those guys are prtty funny. we then all went with felix to crobar where him and the virgin tears “spun.” it turned out to be an incredible night. a seriously incredible night. amjad showed up. everything ended up working out. I didn’t get home until 6:30 or so. awesome. I loved it. one of the best moments was when scott experimented with the bathroom attendent at crobar. he gave him a 20 and then continued to tip him everytime he went to the basthroom. this ensured that no matter what the line was scott was able to get in first. it was awesome. really funny. we laughed a lot. ahhh… to have diposable income. I suppose I should purchase a condo.

….then on saturday I got up late - like 5ish. it was awesome. I hung out a bit and then went over to morgans house. we watched escape from ny and then got food.. and then watched the hulk. we attempted to watch purple rain. but it didn’t pan out. it is nice to hang out.. and not really go out. so often I go out and it is craziness.. staying in an chillin is really relaxing.

today I got up early and headed to marks place to relax and film yoyo videos. we spent a long time talking abotu it and getting the lights finalized. but in the end it worked out really good. it was really fun and quite silly. some great shots. I will atempt to post some tonight.. ahhh… having a DV cam is fun. and the mini DV is so tiny..

word I am sleepy. time to goto bed ;)