So I have been trashing my blog by quoting aim and such. it is nice and humorous but it totally throughs of the blog feel and makes it kinda childish. I really don’t like it. but I am still laughignabout this prank I pulled on my friend scott - so I will share it with yall.. it is the last one for awhile.. (unless I continue to be awesome)

So the setup was that I wanted to play a joke on scott. I was posting random stuff to friendster and I came up with the idea of posting scotts cell phone number to friendster as a “dial a song.” so I did it. here is my post:

check out all the new chicago music by calling
chicagos new dial-a-song. call:
it rules…
I posted it and waited a long time. it sucked. I hate waiting. I thin I could never go to war… cuz the waiting would bother me.. not the killing.. ;) I eventually broke down and told broox about it:

Derek R Brooks (2:08:26 PM): hahaha
Derek R Brooks (2:08:38 PM): i’m calling it
linUXkilla (2:08:38 PM): funney eh ;-)
linUXkilla (2:08:40 PM): haha
linUXkilla (2:08:42 PM): don’t tell
Derek R Brooks (2:10:03 PM): I called it
linUXkilla (2:10:13 PM): what happened
Derek R Brooks (2:10:18 PM): voicemail
Derek R Brooks (2:10:30 PM): I asked if there was anything new in the chicago music scene

and then about 5 minutes later I got this from scott:
phunktoad (2:15:02 PM): what the
phunktoad (2:15:08 PM): I just got a call on my cell phone
linUXkilla (2:15:24 PM): ?
phunktoad (2:15:26 PM): “hey… I was just calling to see whats up with the chicago music scene, seeing if there’s any new artists out there”
phunktoad (2:06:30 PM): “alright, bye”
linUXkilla (2:06:56 PM): wtf
phunktoad (2:07:01 PM): right
and then finally he found out:
phunktoad (3:17:56 PM): harper
phunktoad (3:17:58 PM): I hate you so much
linUXkilla (3:17:59 PM): yea
linUXkilla (3:18:00 PM): hahaha
phunktoad (3:18:18 PM): god damnit
linUXkilla (3:18:38 PM): I rule
phunktoad (3:18:58 PM): I should have read that whole message
linUXkilla (3:19:32 PM): I removed the post
phunktoad (3:22:23 PM): ass
phunktoad (3:22:25 PM): I was like
phunktoad (3:22:34 PM): what the fuck, why are all these people calling me
linUXkilla (3:22:59 PM): did lots of people call?
phunktoad (3:26:15 PM): at least 6
linUXkilla (3:28:44 PM): nice

I am the master man. I hope whatever happens next will be entertaining.
this is entertaining.