the last couple days I have been working in all my spare time to finish this yoyo website. I think it is going to be really fun. I will be doing a bunch of fancy things to make it good. I am excited to attempt a new website. I haven’t made one in a couple of weeks. video editing is different. I think we need to eventually reshoot a bunch of stuff. but that is “ok.” heh.

i have been listening to the microphones - the glow pt 2. it is really nice - a lot of noise. I enjoy the noise right now. I don’t know why. I have been hanging out with morgan a bunch. it is fun. I also enjoy that noise.. although it is keeping me from doing websites. ;) but that is a nice change. I recently made her a couple cds - they are pretty funny. I always laugh whenever I make someone cds - especially if I want to impress them. cuz you don’t want the cds to be crap - but you don’t want to scare the person away by showing them what you really listen to (this may be the case only for me - ahhh death metal). but I instead made a black metal cd (which is incredible) and then a regular screaming/doom/death metal cd. hahaha. metal cds for a girl. wtf. it is awesome.

tomarrow my mom, brother and his fiance all come to town for the madison juggling festival. we will drive up to madison tomarrow night (when damned matiss gets out of work) and stay there until sunday. lots and lots of juggling. I plan to get some yoyo in and hope to PASS a BUNCH with my brother. hopefully it will be ffun andhe won’t lose his arms like last time. damn arms.

at work I recently got a new computer. it rules. I love new computers.. now all I gotta do is await my bling…