So my friend and best fan in taiwan, ella, met with my roommate hiromi in taiwan. I sent a care package with hiromi for ella. she seemed to like her a care package - which is good.
<br.last night was crazy. I played yoyo website. it is almost to a point where I can release it. but I still have a lot to do. eep. hopefully I wil lbe able to work on it a bit during lunch today. I totally slept through my alarms today. it sucked - I have honestly been attempting ot come into work before nine (mostly cuz I get into trouble otherwise, but I really like getting here earlier - I get more done and can leave earlier), but this morning was really tough. I totally blew it. I looked up at the clock and it said 9:30 - so I got up called my boss and sheepishly went to work. I hate that feeling.. of being late. eep. so bad. anyway..

i hung out with morgan again last night. it was fn. we hung out with matt and edie and some of their friends. they played a bunch of games.. I showed morgan my yoyo work. it is funny - cuz I am sooooo nerdy.. yet strangely I feel the need to parade my nerdiness around like a rockstar, which is what I am. I have fans. ;)

mad fest starts tonight. it is gunna ROCK!