so madfest ruled this weekend. I had a bunch of fun. on friday - I picked my mom, brother and sarah up from the airport adn picked up our rental car. the car happened to be the largest car I have ever driven - a ford expedition. it was huge. I felt like I was in a semi. heh. but we all piled in and drove to brads house and picked him up. we then drove to madison and went to bed. on saturday we woke up bright and early and juggled until around 5. there were some AMAZING yoyo-ers and it was great to talk to them and learn new tricks. I can almost do the spirit bomb. SOMEDAY.. SOMEDAY. after juggling we went to the show - which was awesome
on sunday we got up and juggled more (weird) and I totally blew the 7 club endurance competition. it sucked. I was sad. we hung out a bit then came home.

i relaly don’t want to write rigthnow. I am tired of typing. so I will wait until later. maybe when I post the pictures