today I got up late for work again. it is stupid. I recently oredered a new alarm clock. it is a sony sleep machine. but it doesn’t get me up. I just sleep through the alarm. so if I forget to set my phone to ring.. I won’t ever get up. I hate it. I need to replace my new alarm clock with my old one. my old one is super sketchy too. dayum alarm clocks. I am upset about my lack of ability in floating to work. why can’t I apparate?

there are a couple of parties this weekend. I hope to goto. I can feel the need to hibernate coming on. I really need to win. hopefully my winning will be soon.

last night kinnera came over and we got dinner. it ruled. she is fun. she also has quite the bling - always fun. speaking of bling. I shoudl get some soon. I really want a big ring that says something awesome. morgan suggested “futureman,” but that seems too big of a word. I woudl have to use a really little font. maybe two rings.. on that says “love” on one hand and “hate” on the other.. haha.. maybe I should get my grill done.

i love listening to sad pretty music.. the microphones are so good at being that. I want more. a friend suggested the books - but I don’t konw anything baout them. I guess I should check them out.

so that pinguin game is “sweeping” the net. hehe. nobody can get higher than 323.5 or whatever.. except if you use this hacked version. ;)

my neck hurts.