in fact I really didn’t do much. I honestly barely made it to work. but on;y because I was so tired from working last night. I don’t know what the deal was.. I was dieing. I drank soo much pop and candy - I think I surpassed the point of it being helpfuland it became a method of sedation. stupid sedation. I am sitll in love however with wireless internet. so before any asks.. yea I like it.

to all those I sent that really lame email to. it was fun and I have never done one. so I felt compelled to experiment. isn’t this the time to experiment with things that can affect your life adversely? when you are a teenager? I thought so.

whew. I am wearing my bling to make up for my unshaven appearance. it is weird. I don’t thin ki am fooling very many people. ;)

tonight I think I am going to help my friend elisa with some stuff and then hopefully clean my apartment. I ned to do this before hiromi gets home. I think she will die if she sees it in the state it is in. we are dirty dirty boys. I accidently posted a confession to grouphug - just kidding. I didn’t. but that site is incredible. I donated money to them and so shoudl you.

learn about how the shuttle broke. learn why you shoudl vote democratic in 2004. Our yoyo site is roxor.

oh and my server is gettign POUNDED by this damned new virus that is out. I am not a fan. I am a fan of the shins - however. and caring is totally creepy. but somehow I broke my MMS2blog thing. sad day. I don’t know why. it just stopped working. and started losing emails. everything seems to be configured the same. so I have no clue what is goign on. weird.