so today I had a weird day at work. nothing happened - I just felt weird. so I went home and attempted to take a nap to relax myself. but that didn’t work. I couldn’t sleep. I needed to just screw around or hang out and say stupid shit to people. so I got matt and we walked to the local bar. it ruled. we drank $20 worth of beer - which on an empty stomach is PLENTY. but anyway. matt and I hugn out until about 8. which was a great time. totally chilled me out. we just talked trash about our lives until we were bored - which is exactly what I needed. after that I went to dinner in wicker park with morgan. I was a bit tipsy - so I hung out with the homeless guys first. I told them jokes. bad jokes. they even dissed my delivery ;) it ruled. then I went home, first buying candy. I am now drinking a assload of dr. pepper. and will soon move on to the sour patch kids and or skiddles. I am working tonight - load testing. so now that I am sober I need to stay awake. haha. my life rules.

My friend thom rules. I like talking to him.

whendidwesellout: reality is so strange

And then separately:

whendidwesellout: there is a lot of really cool things on the internet
whendidwesellout: I like it that there is a place where people can share

I miss thom. heh.