I have been workign nigths for WB doing load testing and such - and it is so weird being up from 10-4 or so and then sleeping as much as you can from 4-10 haha. it is hard on me. I get tired real easy and I totally don’t have the stamina to run around and be merry today. Luckily last night was one of the last ones for awhile. work is going well. we have a lot of things going on that are fun - and soem things that are incredibly frustrating. I hate how people scheme. well I guess I don’t mind the scheming. I just HATE when people scheme poorly and transparently. it is so dumb. arrrgghh.. but whatever. it will work itself out. it is just lame. it is like the tattletailers in kingdergarten. bastards. haha. in other news my site nata2.info has pulled an aproximate avereage of 50g of bandwidth per day this last month or so. that is roughly 1.5 terabytes of bandwidth. holy hell. I remember once I was supposed to pay $50 for every 50g I used a month. haha. I am glad that isn’t happening at my current colo space. ;) r0x0r. now if I just add those damn servers. ;) I think I am going to attempt to drive out there sometime in the next two weeks. it will rule. I am gunn have to remember how to do it all ;) drive that is. oh and modify a BSD firewall. heh. here is an incredible article about the car salesperson world.