i hate when you get on the train and it is slow. like really really slow. it is dumb. it just took me 6 times to spell that last “is.” that made me really mad. haha. I am totally not in the mood for things to exist on a plane that isn’t convienient or comfortable.

last night I talked to patrick about getting some work done - and the size of the tattoo grew significantly. it is a bit daunting. iam leery to get a tattoo that is a significant part of my body. I am really into it - but it is now HUGE - whereas before it was just incredibly large. ha. there is an incredible lady of guadelupe/ praying mantis though that I really want. it is quite something.
tattoos are such an interestign thing. I really enjoy listening to people talk about their experiences. or what they want/plan. such interestign things..

my friend liz just sent me a link to her merchandise on the thinkgeek website. it is pretty cool that she was able to actually make and sell something on a website that is not related to her/her friends. she wins.

i am going to get candy and then attempt to fade out of exsitence for the next 4 hours.