hehe. so I just back from the doctor - my annual checkup I guess. I don’t often go but in light of seeing my family get sick and then better I decided awhile ago that I woudl take a more proactive approach to my health. which.. may or may not involve moving a bit more - I think moving is stupid.

my weekend effects have yet to peak:

zombieshark: http://www.ambrel.net/android/
zombieshark: theres one pic of your ass
linUXkilla: awesome
linUXkilla: http://www.ambrel.net/thong/
zombieshark: yeah

oh yea.
today is ending up to be a bad day. I just want to go home and sleep. often when I party all weekend with my friends I get up at 3-5 and gotobed around 3-5. that is not a good schedule to try and switch on the fly with the corp. world schedule. stupid corp. world. I want to wear jeans.