So on Thursday night - I accidentally went and bought some clothes. It was ridiculous. I should never be allowed in to certain far too expensive stores. However I got a hot pair of pants.. not a pair of hot pants mind you.. but yea. So I gotta return some stuff and keep some stuff. I really can?t deal with pants without belt loops ? I just feel insane when I am not wearing a belt. Heh. Yea about that. So then Friday happened. I hung out with chris and we rolled to a party. it was quite insane. but chris and I fit in. morgan however was not party to our raindeer games. basically it was a political party that was organized by these crazed chicago thong people. I coudln’t quite figure out what their deal was - but they were against genetically modified food for sure. chris and I wore these crazy rabbit fur jocks and capes. it ruled. however I hope I never run for president I will be totally screwed.
After that party we dropped morgan off and rolled to vision. Previously in the day I had received my rabbit fur coat in the mail from an ebay auction. it cost me 12 dollars(with $7 dollars shipping) and turned out to be pretty good quality. so I decided to wear this jacket in vision. I was rolling like a pimp. p I m p. oh yea. it was brocks bday at vision and everyone was en force. it was fun. however I don’t suggest not wearing pants in a club. it is quite daunting. I guess that is why pants are often required for club entrance. hmm.. after vision we made it to crobar. I have no idea how this happened. haha. I didn’t plan on going to crobar at all. but it was a good time and I was happy to see a lot of my friends ;)

Note to parents: do not click on any of the above links ;)

on saturday I hung out with morgan and we chilled out. it was nice. then my roommates bought liquors and beers and drank and played cards until 3am. it RULED. we were quite “raucus.” It was a great night. was had soem really great tequila and poor beer.

often on mondays and lunch times - my server gets pounded like a alterboy and it crashes everything. it sucks because my heart stops for the moments it isn’t up. if it breaks.. I gotta figure out how to make it not break. hah. I guess I gotta deliever my dells. dayum. ok.