my shirt is causing my neck to turn red. usually this isn’t a good thing. but today it is awesome. !!! i got up so early today. it is weird to be up so damn early. nobody is out and around - but somehow I still managed to come to work barely by nine. I don’t quite understand how this works. I leave my house anywhere from 8-8:30ish and get here everyday at nine. it is insane. I hate getting up so much. I have decided to only sleep. never to get up. stay in bed forever. maybe then there will be a weekly world new article about the fattest 150lb person alive.. so big that he can’t even leave his apartment. that woudl rule ;)so morgan went to a plushy workshop at the messhall art space last night and made a pretty dope “animal.” I kind of wish I had gone. because making stuffed animals is pretty dope. the person who did the workshop has a dope website. instead of doing the workshop - I ended up going to juggling club - which ended up being good. I was afraid that the space would be lame. but to my surprise it turned out to be not expensive and pretty good. we were able ot play our music. and take up as much room as possible. we even got some other people to come. so it wasn’t just matiss, mark and myself. but whatever. I am tired of updating this. yea. if you are my friend and want to join orkut - let me know.