it is true. recently a google employees side/personal project relaly took off. orkut is honestly what I felt friendster could have been . it doesn’t limit communication to on site. it lets you see the contact info for all your friends and maintain some form of community without limiting yourself to some shoddy infrastructure. I really like how you can create sub groups among your friends, create/be apart of a larger overall subgroup and rate your friends. yea. I am a fan.

last night hiromi, matt, morgan and myself all went to see monster - it was really good, but incredibly brutal. I was not pleased to be watching it and I really didn’t appreciate the “made for TV movie” theme that it devolved into - regardless if that was how it went in real life. it was just so candy in the end. with that said, it was incredible how well they transformed charlize theron into Aileen Wuornos. yea, the movie was good - but left a bad taste in my mouth.

today I have a meeting apparently for a long time. I am kinda tired and would like to go home. go home and sleep. sleep until the weekend. then sleep some more. sleeping is so much fun. especially when it is cold and snowy.

the democratic primaries are kind of sad. I think the onion said it best however: Democrats somehow lose the Democratic primaries. hehe. how can it be that our country is so confused right now. annoying I think. and sad. I hope bush doesn’t win.

ok meeting time.