so this weekend was really weird. on friday I hung out and went to bed early because I had to take a practive lsat on saturday. the lsat turned out to be hard. weird. wtf. haha. the logic games were a bit trickier than I previously thought. it was nice to be challenged in a way that I haven’t been challenged in a long long time. go school.

so then on saturday I slept off and on and eventually went out with morgan to this place called trevia - it is nice to hang out with her. then we bought a huge amount of beer and went to this party at texas. it was full of lesbians. it was kinda funny. so we left. but before leaving we were accosted by southside punks. it sucked. they didn’t really do anything, just were annoying and scary. I am glad nothing happened. it would have been sad to fight someone - since I never have. but yea. so then today - I hung out with morgan and then came home. it is a really weird day out today. and I am not really into going out or anything. which is a bummer - cuz there are some really good shows tonight. the grammies are insane however. hahaha.

i really want to say to the knutson family - that our thoughts are going out to you in this hard time.