so a week or so ago I went to this party for the chicago thong organization, it was really funny and strange - but my friend chris and I participated in the activities and wore thongs and capes(which was the costume of choice). well later that night we were at a club and one of our friends snapped this really great shot of my ass. when I got to work on monday and saw it - I thought immediately how fun(and funny) it would be to send it to my parents in a really nice frame. so I did. it was killing me however - cuz I had to wait quietly in the corner and let them receive it without me blowing the surprise. so today they receieved it. ;) and here is my fathers response (via aim of course):

PTSteveReed (3:11:02 PM): must have a lot of cheek to sen a picture like that!
linuXKilla (3:11:07 PM): hahaha
PTSteveReed (3:12:10 PM): I thought maybe you were showing us your new phone holder
PTSteveReed (3:14:08 PM): mom was terribly offended and hasn’t slept at all since we got it
linuXKilla (3:14:37 PM): that is really funny
PTSteveReed (3:15:26 PM): I thought maybe you were advertising for a bakery with nice buns like that
linuXKilla (3:15:30 PM): hahaha.
PTSteveReed (3:15:36 PM): was there a full moon that night
PTSteveReed (3:15:48 PM): or were you just butting in
PTSteveReed (3:16:00 PM): let’s get to the bottom of this

my family rules.

hopefully I will receive my sidekick today. I am hopeing to hacking it with the goal being to write some really nifty apps for it. mostly network security tools and blogging utils. I really like the idea of using it only for AIM. hah. I will continue to become a huge nerd. HUGE NERD. speaking of random linking, check out my friend boone’s new blog. he has really taking to blogging with great style and pizazz (that was a tribute link ;)). I think I would like to write a small piece of code into my blog that will link to specific words I define with random images from googles image search. I think that would be entertaining.