This morning I was on the train and this super cute bundled child got on the train with what I imagine was her father. it coudln’t havebeen more than 5. since it is cold she was bundled up in such a way that only her mouth, nose and eyes were showing. she was a colorful ball of warm cloth it seemed. soshe and her guardian were standing on the train near me and just chilling. and suddenly out of no where the child opens her mouth and projects vomit all over. it was amazing. not a whole lot of vomit. just the fact that she really didn’t move. just shot it all over. the guardian character was really good and magically appeared a roll of paper towels and cleaned her up. there also this relaly nice random guy on the train who helped too. sometimes it is nice to see poeple being nice and helping others. sometimes it relaly makes me happy - one time awhile ago - there was this blind guy wondering around on the el - lostish. and like 4 people helped him. from all different “cliches.” humanity rules. hahahahah.

yesterday was a typical monday. a lot to do at work. sleepy when I get home. finally our tv is workign - so we (hiromi and i) watched the simpsons - then friend - then that 70s show. it was fun and mindless. I really miss that part about my afternoon schedule. as soon as tv broke (which is strangely around the same time I got my tivo) it all ended. I used to love to fall asleep to the simpsons and just chill out(which usually means sleep).
then after that I went to get food with matt - where we talked about our complicated lives. it is funny - cuz matt is workign for liz making stuff for thinkgeek - so I get to hear about his tough job of hanging out and doing crafts with cool people. hehe. I wish that was my tough job sometimes. although, my tough job is debugging web apps with cool people. so that isn’t really tough. alas..
anyway.. after I hung out with matt I went to see morgan and we went to this awesome movie called “Les Triplettes de Belleville.” So good. it was really weird and I was quite apprehensive about the propect of a cartoon that didn’t have any dialogue. but it worked out incredibly. so funny. it was really awesome. and increidbly strange. very very surreal. we then went to watusi where we drank our sorrows away. it was fun. although I ended up being late to work this morning - which sucked. I relaly didn’t mean to as well. all the alarms were set. it was just trouble. stupid stupid trouble. I just spelled trouble wrong twice - the exact same way (i corrected it). but as you might have noticed - I am not one for accuracy in blogging.

so yea. things are good. the weather.. (eh thom..) is good. I am having fun hanging out with morgan, it is very nice. matiss is back now. and juggling club is tonight! whee..

check out I have been updating it regularly. if you would like ot update it as well. let me know. I can hook you up with a really handy bookmarklet that makes updating it easy and fun.

today I was listening to venetian snares until my ears died. died I say.

I recently purchased a bunch of 60s art house movies. I am excited. I recently got into older movies after watching some 70s wes craven movies. they were really fun. so I picked up umberto d, night and fog, le Cercle rouge and Hiroshima mon amour. I am pretty excited - they are all very different and probbaly will be depressing. but yea. I also picked up One Day in September which I also imagine will be sad. but, to counter all the sad movies I got air jaws - which is one of my very favorite nature documentaries. w00t. I am glad its winter. so when I hole myself up and watch a bunch of good movies - or maybe not so good movies. heh. we shall see.

ok. enough random drivel. here is fun