So I got my sidekick last night - and it has already proven to be a good deal. I got it through a place called for around $79 with activation and rebates. but I just added it to my current tmobile account and got a new number for it. I removed the voice minutes and just have it for data. so it is only about 29/month. which is pretty dope. I will still use my t610 as my primary phone, so I won”t have to worr yabout carrying around this hulking giant to a club and what not (which is the most important thing). the sidekick is pretty fly. I can instant message with near realtime results. the thumb keyboard is quite usable and the ssh client has already been a life saver(i remembered on the train that I needed to log into my server and restart apaache - so I did it ;)). but yea. it is fun. my two complaints is that the browser sucks and that the mail client isn’t truely imap. those two things drive me batty. but the browser is easy to understand. now why the imap client isn’t real imap - I have no idea. it is dumb and frustrating. I plan to write or fix a blog reader so I can stay abreast of my news. that should be fun. then I woudln’t never have to actually goto a computer for fun. since I got IRC with the ssh client, IM with the AIM client and then blog reading. go RSS.

ok I am going home. I have to work tonight so I get to go home and sleep. I am thrilled about it. w0000t. I am the roxor. haha. ok