So I lost reality the other night. I was sittign at work - going live with this product (FINALLY) amd I noticed reality slinking out the door(1, 2, 3). I was pretty sure at that point that my life was going to get weird, so as any good boy would do - I just gave in and drank a lot more mt. dew.
so what happened was this. we (WB) went live with this product on wednesday night. I was part of the night team - so I had a bunch of pop, 6 fruit rollups and a bunch of peanuts in about 3 hours. I then wanted to die. I stayed up delerious and wronged until 9am with very very little sleep. I was able to have some fun though… and I did end up watching some movies. once I left work I was able to go to wicker park - where I about died of horrible poisoning from the bastardized version of breakfast mcdonalds sells - and sleep. once asleep, I really didn’t notice anything happening until I woke up. morgan then beat me up and punched me in the throat. we hung out. then I attempted to go home and crash hard. however, my inner child was rebelling and made me goto a shoe store to buy future shoes. I made out like a bandit - a poor poor bandit. I then proceded to go home and sleep for not long enough. I hung out with matt and hiromi and then watched a bunch of dumb TV. it is nice it currently works. but it will soon stop I know it. I then went to morgans house to help her with her secret project.

valentines day is in the marrow. I didn’t get my brother a bday present. I am a slacker. I should however. maybe I will get him a . maye not ;). morgan and I our going to go to see Monster Jam Monster Truck Racing tommarrow night. I am thrilled. apparently a bunch of others are going as well. it will be an experience. for occasions like this, I am glad I have a mullet/rattail. I am able to blend in. heh. morgan however may have some issues - as she does have a mohawk. I will have to be extra hick I guess to make up for the lack of hick she possesses. possesses has a bundle of ss. haha. ss. esses?

tonight I am going to sleep a bunch. and then goto lenore and jason’s gallery. I like gallery openings - especially when I am not interested in the art. it turns into such a social event. I love socials. then apparently there is a party.

i have strangely and unfortunantly run out of disposable income for the month.

i get to act the future man for sure.

my new shoes squeek and it cracks me up.

i have not yet recovered from my night up.