so this weekend was pretty fun. on friday I hung out with morgan and we went to a art opening at my friend lenores gallery. the opening was fun - but the hanging out was really good. after this event, we went to a party where a pinata filled with cayan pepper was exploded prior to our arrival. it was rather abrasive on my poor nasal passage ;). we hung out here and drank rather rough gin drinks until we got hungry enough to leave. we ate at clarks and we acted like we were straightedge. it ruled.

Sooo. valentines day was quite fun. I met morgan at the train (after apparently almost getting mugged by the most lackadaisical mugger: I just said no) and we went to the monster truck rally. it was really fun. a perfect valentines date. it ruled. I liked gravedigger the best ;).the strangest part were all the little kids without ear plugs. so sad. a couple of them were obviously uncomfortable. so after the monster truck rally - we went to morgans house and hung out with my roommate matt, alan, colby, felice and morgans roomates:jeremy and tanya. we hung out, ate cheese, and drank margaritas and beers. it was fun. eventually we played the word game. which was quite fun - because everyone is interested in spelling. then everyone left.

and it suddenly was morning. today I was really off in regards to my bodies feelings.. .heh.. I basically watched movies and slept ALL day. it ruled. I imagine I will goto sleep soon.. and then wake up refreshed. I do need to buy some decongetants or whatever.

today my friend told me how he met bill gates. I think that is insane. he could buy all his friends and his families lives with very very little work. that is screwed up. hah. anyway. I am watching a this whole entry probably doesn’t make a damn bit of sense. but whatever. I am the roxor.