So.. a friend of mine messaged me and was rather freaked out by the fact that a online celebrity RPG was stalking her. heh. I did a bit of research and I noticed that the entire kill hannah group is enveloped in this stupid internet false world. hehe. weird. sometimes the world is insane. INSANE I say.

what are peoples fascination with death in june and boyd rice. why is it that people will defend these bands as not being racist, fascist, misanthropic or generally skinhead-ish. I just have this general philosophy that I don’t really want to associate myself with anything that skinheads are associated with. for instance I really try and dissasociate myself from all skinhead like activities - including listening to “fascist” music. ;)

last night ruled. I got home from a rather nice day at work - and ate guacamole with hiromi and then took a nap until 7. Mark came and picked me up - we went to the kill hannah show at metro.. also to check out the metro stage ;). we had a short yoyo demo on the balcony for pretty girls.. and then mark and I went to juggling club. juggling club is ruling right now. we had 20 members last night. after juggling I went to watusi for the kill hannah party and hung out with everyone.. and saw morgan. we then all went to slicks. it was nice. I enjoy dancing.. at this point I was dieing of starvation - so I escaped and morgan and I went to cafe taco and got their last tacos of the night. we ate them. then died. it is rougher than I remember - drinking and staying up late. eep. I couldn’t deal with reality this morning.