Last night was so dope. We, the J.O.D. juggled at chris holmes’ electro shw at te metro. it was sooo much fun. all my friends were there - and it was great to juggle with matt, matiss and brad. so much fun. here are pictures. The show was insane. first we started with some knife juggling while chris and aaron did their song.. then sparklemotion came out.. and did their thing. song three was Brian Liesegang doing rock you like a hurricane. Song four was the virgin tears song… and then song five was I wanna new drug with billy corrigan. The show was really good - highlights being juggling on the metro stage - and the 15 minute noisey guitar solo by billy. rock. the who thing was so surreal and so awesome. hopefully we will get to do more show slike this.

it was also really dope - cuz I got to see a bunch of friends I haven’t seen in awhle. the best/worst was when amjad decided t pour his drink on my head - I should remember that he has that tendency. it was awesome to dance with morgan - and eventually we got matiss and erica out on the dance floor.

i love corndogs