i was so weird yesterday. I didn’t want to be at work. so I just did my work without mentioning a word to anyone - and I reacted poorly when I was spoken too. it was annoying even to me.. I guess I was coming down from the high of my awesome (and tiring) weekend. I just wanted to go home and get a hug from someone. or go home and sleep (which is essentially what I did). It was funny - cuz I really felt weird - as though my batteries had worn down. but as soon as I was eating - I felt sooo much better to the point where I realized that the reason for the season was my lack of eating (the one thing I often forget to do). I need to remind myself to take better care of myself. I am really thinking of getting a bike. but I want one I could possibly afford to lose (i tend to lose big things). I just know I would ride it to a bar and then wake up a week later and remember that it “was” locked to a pole by some bar. I don’t think I would be happy if it was some fancy bike. ok.

i am better today though. it is nice to get sleep. I made my bed awesome so sleeping was really exciting. after sleeping it is easy to remember how awesome my life really is. ahhh.. umm. yea.

here is how to make a money wallet. here is how to ensure death hehe. here is how to be bummed out. here is how to dance.

this weekend is going tobe fun. we are having a small get-to-gether(hehe) on friday and then I have tickets to see ludacris and cannibal corpse. sounds like a winner. morgan’s roommate is leaving soon so there is also a party for him.. he is really cool. check out his site/company/ethics journal.

don’t forget to check out war.watership.org or to modify my ambient orb.

i am bored today. I accidently went to a meeting that I wasn’t supposed to goto. one ofmy bosses was like “harper.. uhh.. you shoudl leave ;)” it ruled. I am teh roxor for sure. hehe.
ok enough