I woke up and attempted my hardest to not make it to work. however, much to my chagrin, I now find myself at work. on the way in - I listened to midnight oil’s diesel and dust. I have been listening to music from my past lately. it is pretty fun. yesterday I purchased a bunch of crosby and nash and then a bunch of neil young. both are so so good. neil young is quite something. the song “The Needle and the Damage Done” is sad. hah.

i am attempting to import all my super old 2k blog entries. I found them on archive.org. so that may be done later tonight. we shall see. they are pretty funny.

check out mikes blog.

i think I need to take a day off or something. I really need to want to come back to work. I think havign this past weekend be so full of events(especially ones that I felt some sort of accountability for) I didn’t get a good chance to sleep in and just screw around. so my body/mind didn’t have a good amount of time to just screw around and relax. I need to sit in a decompression chamber and let everything leave my mind/body and wonder around - coming back when it wants to. I think that woudl help with my boredom/strangeness as of late. haha. but then.. I don’t think I am really strange.. just not really settled. heh.

last night - matt and I walked to the liquor store and got beers and drank them on the way(we walked) to the movie theater to see eurotrip(it was bad). it was a really fun time. movies are expensive however. it doesn’t really make sense how expensive they got. it cost me 15 dollars to get in and get a small amount of food. I coudl have purchased a domain name.. and hung out and made a webapp to make fun of derek for that much money.

i really want to see osama and the passion soon.