so my party was fun. I had a good time. it was great fun to see everyone. I was disappointed that some people didn’t get a chance to show up. but whatever. I now know who my real friends are. haha. umm jk. or am I ;) we had a huge number of people turn out and we ended up drinking all my beers and wines. it was quite nice. john from work stopped by.. which was a good surprise. I like it when your social worlds collide. when different groups come together and meet. the party started about 9 when some people arrived we just kinda hung out until aroudn 10:30 when it started to get a little busy. then around 12 it was hectic and I was a bit too drunk to have an incredible time. so I took a nap. haha. until 1. then I hung out with marcia and such until 2:30 -3. I went to bed around 3 - 3:30. it was fun. hiromi’s date seemed to be cool. he better be really cool however. or we will have to bring the noise. hehe. we are her “older” younger brothers.

umm then today I basically just slept and screwed around. it was nice. since I took yesterday off too. I have been really taking it easy. which was the goal. I really was bumming and burnt out for awheil and I needed a couple days to do NOTHING. so I got them it rules. tonight we went to the golden nugget for some foods(it wasn’t really good - in fact it was kinda gross) and then morgan and her friend kristen dropped matiss and I off at our house.. and we went to see ludacris, chingy and david banner at the congress. that was hilarious. I love going to concerts that don’t fit my stylistic demographic. it cracks me up. we then came home and chilled out. ate soem left overs and wacthed freddy vs jason. now I am going to bed cuz I gotta get up early and go watch morgan at her hair show. hehe. the “outkast” is awesome. truly amazin. (i have been dropping the G from a lot of ing words lately. I gotta watch that)

i think I may have acquired a new phone. we shall see. if so. it will be the second phone I have got in the last month. umm. I may have a problem. hehe. yea about that.