so apparently paris hiltons birthday was on friday. she turned 23. hah.
i turn 26 soon. that is really weird. I am almost 30. haha. I am sitting here listening to the cash money records platinum hits.. bouncing in my chair.. looking like a fool as usual. yea know.. the monday morning deal. it happens I guess. I just love “back that ass up” by juvenile.. heh.
woah woah kemosabe ;)

why is our media incredibly disappointing. hmm.. I guess this is better. but I guess my gripe is that the media is paying attention to the number imprinted on tickets and whether white middle class alternative youth is going to vote than it is about the haitian crisis that our government is manipulating. Currently it appears that haiti is being destroyed.. and that there are a number of allegations that the US hasn’t been “helpful” in the situation. even some some “less than desirables” are calling bush out on this situation. I hate the media and allt hat crap. I also hate racist people. however I love mass confusiong.

here are pictures from hiromi’s bday party. it was a fun time. I am posing - I promise. anyway…
on sunday I woke up really early and went to the rosemont convention center to see morgan’s hair show. it was really strange - from the weird 14 yr old dancers in native american get ups to the generally surreal presentations. however morgan and kristen looked awesome - and their show was great. however the pictures suck cuz I forgot my camera. sad day. after that I came home and took a nap. I love sleeping. it is so nice. after my nap I hung out with matiss and druvis a bit. then we went to morgan’s house for a going away party for her roommate jeremy. jeremy is rather cool and will be missed. the party was actually quite insane. we of course had a juggling show and passed around jeremy to demonstrate his levaing.. ? matiss balanced things.. and I yoyoed(apparently with my tongue out). after the juggling show, matiss left and jeremy auctioned soem of his stuff off. after that we(jeremy and myself) had a duel with roman candles. nobody got hurt.. although I may have a slight burn on my cheek. hehe. I guess I never learn though.. eh.. after the duel - we had a fierce round of “indian wrestling.” I almost won. hah. but morgan made the best face. apparently everyone has bruises today. however I contend that mine is the bestest. after the “indian wrestling” I ended up regular wrestling jeremy who is quite a bit bigger than me and who kicked my butt and broke my spine. so after I get that fixed I will be better. ;) the party got pretty quiet after that. it was eleven. I was sleepy. I went to bed. and that brings us to today.

i don’t know what this week will bring. I want it to bring fun fun fun. hopefully it will. apparently I lead the rebels over the tigers. which is good to know. I am a fan. I did get that phone. hopefully it will come now and I won’t be ripped off. I woudl be sad. that is a lot of links in the above paragrapgh! where is my millions at? don’t lie.