so I am reading beowulf (or is it this). it is interesting to read for fun what I once rejected reading for school. however it really brings me back to all the discussions we had about the text. sometimes literary critique is fun. other times i hate it.

i am going to get a new website. probably with these guys - maybe plan 3. I really want a terrantula. I LOVE spiders. I think they are so cool. but the fact that they are evil bastions of satan (when I originally searched for “satan spider god” on google image search - I got a ween album cover). last night while I was doing some work - I made a map to help morgan with her homework. I rule. scott also rules:

linuXKilla: “the simplest act of surrealism is to walk out into the street, gun in hand, and shoot at random. “
phunktoad: thats an interesting way to look at it
phunktoad: but it would be more surreal if you were naked riding a zebra donkey and your gun actually fired sombreros
everyonceandawhile I find something that really amazes me in regards to web dev stuff. today it is this plugin for firefox. it allows you to design css in realtime - watching the results of your tweaking in the browser window - whilst the tweaking happens (and thus realtime - sometimes I am retarded). it is quite fancy. especially if you are using divs and css to layout a page. go blogs. speaking of blogs. I am really excited for my new phone. I think I am going to make a video blog. it shall be interesting. maybe I will make a flash interface. with porn.

I am totally not rambling. but I do have a surprise for later.