is when you lose a blog entry mid creation. ohhhhh. I hate that a lot. I had written about my night here on bald mountain and how it was a lot of fun and crazy. but now I am not interested in rewriting my entry. sad day. so here is the summary:

work dumb
went to bar with matt
bonded with matt
morgan invited us to hang out at watusi
was insane
went to watusi
got weird scratch on face from wrestling
drank too many beers
went to morgans
forgot sweatshirt
more insanity
work up
hate blogs. haha. anyway. yea. it ruled. I had a great time. I did end up drinking a little more than I wished. but whatever. I was lookign for a bruising and I got it.

the weird thing about having problems posting htis entry is that losing it was the second problem. the first was when the entire web server had stopped responding. hehe. maybe god (who doesn’t exist) has some vendetta against ME. umm. right.. anyway.. nata2 was totally gone - so I logged into the box and restarted the webserver.. it came back and immediately: GONE. so I was like wtf.. I check out the server status and noticed that I was at my peak requests in less than a minute. was once again linked somewhere or something. so I turned on extended status to check out what the haps was. and I noticed that two ips made up for 95% of the traffic - obviously leeching humor. so I added those ips to the hosts.deny. and restarted. GONE were those ips. haha. however I think those ips are soem HUGE proxy server in tokyo. so GONE is my japanese users. haha. check this out though:
Server uptime: 1 hour 34 minutes 4 seconds
Total accesses: 18276 - Total Traffic: 3.0 GB
i use a lot of bandwidth.

tonight I am going to go and do accupuncture. I am rather apprehensive about it. it shoudl be interesting. it is also chris’s bday today - and it is also stephanies.. so happy birthday yall. tomorrow night jon is comign to visit for a week. it should be fun. we are going to paint morgans room I think. haha. it will be just like olden times. rule.

ok. now I am just gunna copy mike and link to the same stuff that he did. check out these really spooky picture of children. hehe. and new tork apparently lied all this time about the walk buttons actually working. apparently they haven’t worked for years and it has all been an attempt to socialize children into pressing buttons. ;)

apparently the treasury dept is warning publishers of editing and publishing stuff from our “enemies.” I think that this is rather drastic. I guess they are making this decision on the basis that editing/publishing enemy manuscripts would be considered “trade.” well. they are totally not attempting to censor the “enemy” nations. heh. I am concerned a bit due to the fact that silencing the pen is a rather violent act - and since the U.S. has the clout and infrastructure to create/disseminate media/information accross the world - this could affect the “planned” change that the U.S. is expecting. because the dissident who support the U.S. “changes” would also be effected. but the organic flow of information that needs to happen in a time of revolution would be stifled. umm.
yea. I am done talking about this.