so my accupunture last night was cool. it strangely seemed to effect my mood - which I was not quite ready for. I was totally a irrational, tired and emotional mess. haha. but I knew it while it was happening - so I just acted weird a couple times and was mostly quiet. I wonder if it was the actual accupunture that put me into a funk or if it was just the fact that I was tired and the pushing myself to be stronger , faster, and better. hah. nobody know. however I do feel pretty good this morning. my arms hur tough… ha.

so my friend jon comes today. it should be fun. I am always a bit apprehensive when friends come to visit for a long time - cuz I don’t know what to do for entertainment. I figure however. that we will have a fine time just hanging out and such. I am pretty excited.

oh. oh. oh. check out this goatse tribute page. a really nice presentation ;). if you ever wondered where that crazy pinguin game came from - here is a pingu history page. and then finally this page is almost worth mirroring to insure it never leaves. hah.