after walking to work. I noticed that I generally feel pretty good - in regards to the stiffness and all the reasons I went to accupuncture. that seems pretty cool.

on the elevator up to work there was a sign on the thirteenth floor that had a biohazard symbol and a birthday cake. I wasn’t able to read it - I was confused by the combination of those icons. maybe not so much confused as I was worried. heh. umm. biowarfare cakeclass. that is the name of my new band btw. I am gunna play guitar.

this whole gay marriage thing is stupid. I don’t understand how bush and “the republicans” can be so pigheaded and stupid. how can they actively be supporting such a segregationist movement. it is pretty insane. a couple good links: wil wheatons writeup and then Cult of the One Eyed Cat. both argue that the government shoudl not be involved. I guess it ust demonstrates the need to remove general religious morality from our government leadership. this should not be a truth issue - this shoudl be an issue of rights. a social issue - not a morality issue. another interesting way to look at this situation is to take into consideration the The Anti-Miscegenation Amendment - which is an amendment from 1912 that attempted to abolish interracial marriage on the ground that it is “..abhorrent and repugnant. It is subversive to social peace. It is destructive of moral supremacy..” awesome eh. ;) I think the point that can be taken from this - is that we all look at 1912 and see this ammendment and we think “how ridiculous, they were insane and obviosuly racist” - and then we think how silly and backwards the people who created the ammendment are. but what is missing - is that bush and his henchmen are the same people. they are conservative, upperclass white people - attempting to sell the voters out to big business. they are not caring about the actual issue. they are caring about whether they will continue being in public office - and what the means are to maintain that power: i.e. money. now I don’t think that it is just a money/corporate/lalala issue - it is obviously based on some “moral truth” that is “wrong” hahaha. what I mean to say is that there is a “moral truth” backing this new anti gay marriage ammendment that is appealing to a lot of americans - regardless of the social and segragationist implications. since god hate gays, godlovers hate gays. truth is hard to defeat and bush knows this. I am rambling a bit. heh. however I guess my overall point is that we need to keep in mind the viewpoint of disallowing any social/economic/ethnic/sexuality/etc group of people from doing ANYTHING is segragationist and is a process of creating a subclass of human. it seems that this is somethign that the US is constantly trying to combat around the world - how are we gogn to let this happen here? bush is dumb.