i don’t feel like updating my blog today. stupid stupid stupid stupid blog. I really want my new phone to come. I hate trusting vendors with more than 50 dollars. yeah yeah yeah.

this weekend was a good time. it created a tired person out of me however. on friday jon arrived. we all hung out and chilled. ate food. and then helled about chicago - ending up at tobias’ place. it was really fun. we also saw pelican at the bottom lounge. they are SOOO good live. their cd isn’t as good as the isis discs but the live show is quite nice. saturday: we went to a craft show at openend. I ended up meeting shawnimal - which is cool. he seems dope. hopefully iw ill help him with his site. then we hugn out some more and got dinner. then went to the nerd battle at dead tech. it was cool. then we hung out at my place. for a bit. then went to skips house warming party. it was fun. I lke skip. I miss skip. then we went ot gnats benefit. it ruled. on sunday. jon and I helped morgan with her room. by help I mean painted it all. it ruled. it was just like olden days. jon and I listening to classic rock /metal painting. except this time we added beer. which makes painting all the more entertaining. so funny. check out the pictures. i rule. after we painted the room - morgan made us a really great dinner. it was awesome. then jon, alan and I got smoked in charades. but whatever. it was all because this book doesn’t exist whereas this historical event does. umm. I rule. don’t forget. also. nata2.info is growing.

go home. wait that is me. ok. I will. wait. why am I talkign to myself in a blog. wtf.