i fixed it. well I thought I did. until it wouldn’t reload. I think that our internet here is really slow. I can’t even ssh to my boxen. weird. and dumb. wierd and dumb. together at last. man it has been a long caffiene drenched day. umm. yea. so anyway. my original post was going to be like this: so I modified my photolog recently - I made it so the most recent picture shows up on all the pages and then I revamped the photolog to be displayed by month. it looks a little better and is quite a bit quicker. however I could significantly increase the speed if I wasn’t reading the directory as much. I am lazy though and don’t want to learn perl DB stuff. heh. but anyway. it looks pretty good. I think with the advent of my 6600 - I will make the perl script that posts the pictures resize and submit the filenames and such to a db. it will be oh so much faster then it is now.

last night we all hung out at my house and yoyoed and chilled. it was fun. I learned about 3 super nifty yoyo tricks and I really am excited to goto juggling tonight. whippee.

morgan got a promotion. nice work.

tired. nap time is fast approaching. I think I have tricked my body into wanting naps everyday from 4-7. it is OK but also suxors. cuz I get sleepy REAL easy. but tonight I will have PLENTY of time to sleep before juggling. k. I have accupuncture again on thursday. I think she will say the same stuff: you shoudl do an activity that stretches your shoulders" - I shoudl do an activity that makes me move altogether. I really am feeling like I shoudl by a bike. I will probably get a really simple hybred? hmm like a used bike that isn’t a mountain bike but isn’t a road bike. and screw the track bikes. I just need one to get around in the spring and summer. I guess I also have to start goign places. suddenly this got to be really complicated. maybe I will lease an m3 instead. hah.

so today on boingboing there were some really good links. first off - rachel’s friend matthew was listed. that is pretty cool. this museum seems entertaining. having watched a small amount of bollywood movies - I found this to be amusing. reality is often replicating television - or not. eep

mother mary loves you!