so today I got home from work and took a nap UNTIL 9:50pm. wtf. from 5:20 to 9:50. that is a long nap. that is a nights sleep for some people. those peole being me. seriously. I have to control this. heh. morgan called at like 7:30 and was like.. “hey why don’t you meet me at my work at 9:30.” I was late. haha. I slept through a 9:30pm appointment. hahah. seriously.

so anywy. tonight was relaly fun. I hungout with morgan at hollywood grill. we just screwed around. talked shit. yea know.. the usual. I beat her at thumb wrestling. we had diner food. it ruled.
we then helled about wicker park - in an attempt at finding coffee beans after 12. no luck. nothing is open but hot dog stands and bars after 12. we should have known.
her room is starting to look like a real place. no longer is it just a figment of my imaginatino. heh. the color is quite something.

this is quite something.

i have a secret project. hopefully it will rule. wait. I have two. haha. one is funnier. the other is pretty cool too.