omg I am a bit hung over. I am not even a lot hung over. I just don’t usually get hung over - so when I am - I am a baby about it. last night was a mess. it ruled. jon went out with friends - so kayne and I went to a art opening at heaven. there were some pretty good photographs and the like - it was nice. I saw a bunch of people I don’t usually see out, which is always nice. after that we went to a skater party at this awesome space on the soutside. it had a half pipe in the living room. it was really insane. I miss skaters. it was the same “type” of person I hung out with in high school. which was awesome - especially since both jon and kayne were here. we hung out for a long time there and eventually made it to the northside for a show at the metro/smartbar. at smartbar there were these amazing djs from cologne. they were impressive. upstairs at metro there was a drum and bass show (which is pretty funny - because I used to spin drum and bass in college for the radio I worked for). it was awesome. I used to be really into shy fx and the like. I miss that. but I don’t really miss it.. if you know what I mean. heh. we then came home and hung out in my room showing jon all the music that he has missed in the last year. that was awesome. awesome awesome awesome. so I was telling morgan awhile agothat I really only have 50 or so words in my vocabulary. it is sorta boring. I need to gain the ability to use more than 50 words a day. I mean I can repeat them but I apparently can’t go over 50. heh. stupid 50. someday I will learn. someday. it will rule. RULE I say. i really don’t know what today will bring. there are some tentative plans to play games tonight. which woudl be nice. it is always super entertaining and funny. hopefully matiss will play. that guy is so fun. haha. but unfortuantly he is ditching us for a lady. hahaha. hehehe. I love it. anyway. I should hang out. now.