umm. soo.. yea.. umm.. uhh.. I am like.. uhh..

this weekend was great. we had a fun time. it was wonderful to have jon visit. we hadn’t really hung out in recent times and we were able to spend some real quality time chillin. it is interestig to see how wwe each our growing up and going our separate ways. this combined with the blog wars is making my rise to adulthood very interesting. I don’t know if a time has ever occured where I could stalk all my friends without them really caring. heh. so anyway.. here are some pictures from this weekend. it was fun. the best was when jon stole this dude hiromi is dating’s key chain. an dthen found out it was this dudes so he gave it back. it was awesome. so funny. heh. yea.

sometimes I love that our president/government is incompetent. so funny. but not as funny as rumsfeld running for cover - so slimy these people are.

i love reading other people chat conversations - especially if they are funny. this gut seems to attract a lot of humorous 13 yr old kids messaging him. it is funny. I swear.

i love fark. it is so funny. the photoshop contests are insane. those people have some talent.
the jay z constructor kit is breaking america.
so I finally found the coolest site on the internet: robo-t. it is a collection of pdfs that you can print out on a color printer and fold into 3d robots. it is really awesome. for your browsing pleasure(and cuz it was slow and in japanese) I mirroed the pdfs here.

so yea. I am tired. I stayed up late last night. it was fun. I just hung out wiht morgan and talked about books. I really miss reading a bunch. but at the same time - I really like projects. I think I should just lay down and read more. that would prolly solve both problems. haha. umm. wtf am I talking about. I am obviously confused. oh yea. my birthday is soon. I turn 26. whee.

broken social scene is really good.