so I went and got accupuncture last night. I think I am done for a bit. I originally went to alleviate some back pain I had gained from wrestling - however the back pain is gone. so wheni arrived yesterday I realized that I really had know ailments for her to manipulate. I was perfect. so the session ended up just being weird and boring I mean.. it isn’t really suppsoed to be entertaining - but I got tired of it and was suddenly done. this coupled with my unusually high(apparently) pain threshold made for a strangely unpleasent experience. she kept doing these things and asking me if they hurt. heh. none of them ever hurt - however my back is relaly sore today. she warned me of that - but I was like “yeah yeah yeah.” whatever. haha. the one thing that was shocking - is that she put a needle into my finger and it totally destroyed my hand in pain. it was madness. total madness. my mind stopping paying attention to reality for a second - enough time to render the pain as a spindly set of wires shooting up my arm. insane. after I exclaimed my concerns over the shooting/stabbing/destroying pain in my hand - she removed the needle and it was gone. score one nerves. score zero acupuncture. one of the weirdest side effects of the acupuncture was the emotion weirdness that happens afterwards. hiromi had mentioned that she is super weird afterwards and I experienced this after the last session. but it is still pretty weird. for the most part I am a relatively levelheaded person. oh sure I am crazy sometimes - but overall I am not a sad person. however both times after my accupuncture I felt really low confidence and totally out of place and time. the accupuncturist women described it as being “stoned” - heh. I don’t know about that but it certain is a bit disconcerting to know that when I come back from the weird “needle massage” that I am going to be an emotional wreck for the next four hours. heh. so anyway. last night I got back from the crazy with machine and hung out a bit at home. morgan called and then I called back and acted like a crazy person. seriously. I didn’t make sense - and I wasn’t able to form sentences. those two may be related. so I just chilled - then went to watusi to hang out and see people and drink beers. after beers we went home. it was a fun night. morgans friend leslie is fun. my birthday is on sunday. get me gifts. today is totally a weird day. I keep nodding off at my desk. not really sleeping - just not existing. well.. ok sleeping. but only for a sec. it is really annoying. and we didn’t really stay up that late. I mean maybe until 3:30am haha. but not until 5 or 6. ok delerium setting in. wait.. i often laugh at what becomes news worthy in our media. for instance: Kerry unloaded italian mansion month he decided white house run. wtf. why is this important. is it important because he was able to use some of the money to support his candidacy? the article doesn’t really say - it just doesn’t really make any sense why this is news worthy. UNLESS!! it is on the case of kerry being a communist and owning overseas property which demonstrates his honest support of bin laden and the al qaeda. I knew it. i think it is disappointing to see the power that jesus still has. man religion is wack. I know so few cool christians that it makes me sad. I wonder though.. how is “the passion” different from chick’s light of the world. both are “truth.” both contain interpretations of the christian bible(versus the church of appliantology bible). and both are made by evil men. well I guess the chick dvd isn’t really a movie. it is more of a slide show. but really - aren’t both attempting to stir up some hate against the truth naysayers.. anyway. it is all pretty weird to me. I would vote for jesus if he were running against bush. that is for sure. <br. this is very interesting and not really very surprising. heh. scalia is insane. once I met him at college. we drank wine together and discussed the nature of science and its relationship to religion - from a catholic point of view. hah. he didn’t say “quack” once. which was too bad. I would have liked to talk duck with him. i wonder how long we can act like this isn’t a problem. I would guess a long time. we have lots of other things to think about. oh check out this site I made the other day: I like it. it looks good. has a good theme and works well in almost all browsers. I didn’t test netscape 4.7. mostly because I hate netscape 4.7. hate is a strong word - and is appropriately used when refering to the devil incarnate that is netscape 4.7. whew. ok. I get a haircut tonight. I am looking a little rough. heh. ok. I feel better. I think I need to take tonight off. maybe hang with my roomies. or maybe morgan. but NOT go out. even though the assassins are playing (although I should be boycotting them wtf) and I woudl see all my friends. I think I just need to sit on the couch and veg. heh. maybe goto a movie. just remain unmoved. soemthing. my fingers are out of control. they won’t let me stop typing. i REALLY want my new phone. it is supposed to be delievered today. TODAY I tell you. oh and myspace profiles are unprotected. heh. check it out: mine, brocks and morgans. weird eh. I wonder if that is a feature or a bug. you can crawl the myspace site. heh. I am goign to write a program to do it real quick like. it will rule. brb. read this.