i got my new phone. it is quite something. I am unable to post pictures with it yet.. I don’t know why. but I imagine soon. I just have to experiment. heh. experiment. yesterday I hleped scott with a surprise party after he closed on his house and asked his girlfriend beth to marry him. weird. it was pretty fun. I had too much sushi and too much alcohol and ended up going to bed around twelve - which ruled. I slept for around 12 hours. I enjoy sleep.

for the party I was supposed to receive text messages alerting me of the present situation - so I could react with the party group appropriately. however - I screwed around with my new cell phone soo much that I ran it out of batteries. haha. it ruled. so I left work ten minutes earlier and swapped my sim card in to my old phone. haha. so I didn’t get to show off my fancy phone amoung fancy people. someday. someday.

tomorrow is my birthday. I am excited. I sometimes hate birthdays. because I either always build them up and then are dissapointed or I don’t build them up and am disappointed. this time I am going to just relax and chill out. hah. for those that know me.. you can guess that relaxing and chilling out is not one of my better qualities.. hahah. anyway. yea. I am excctied however to see how my birthday turns out. I just need to remember not to “plan” anything. always just relax. haha.

here are the pictures from scott and beths party. don’t worry about the nudity.