today I installed my new router, looked over my taxes, accidently watched a really dumb movie and discussed white privilege with a friend. it was a good day.

check out these links: crazy pencil carvings from japan. this movie will be good. this bug is really big. ;). this comic is pretty incredible.

read this article - then think about it.

i am feeling good right now. which is really nice. I am excited for my birthday. I really don’t know whats happening. but it will be fun I know. I think we are going to dinner tomorrow. and I think we are also going to go help chris remove stuff from his house. anyway.. I am now going to mas with morgan. I like mas. hah. I like morgan. weird. it should work out. wtf. I love when I start a blog entry and it devolves into something completely drival based. hahah. no direction or scope. similar to all the projects I work on at work. BAM sucka.