so I am going to make a post not on that topic. doh!

so morgan picked me up a copy of the economist. the cover is seriously the best thing ever. I think I might subscribe. I also want to subscribe to a military journal as well. I don’t know what. probably something rather conservative. something like janes - but on paper. and then maybe Mother Jones. oh and harpers (have you noticed how almost everything named harper rules? I sure have). I really wish that all of this info was available in an embedded news reader in my glasses. I always end up destroying magazines. they are so fragil. heh.

mike is rightfully disturbed by this (nsfw). weird eh. I love computers. and their friends.

i am seriously considering getting a bike. I think it would be fun to ride to work. and I woudl be in much better shape because of it. I am thinking of getting a hybrid - cuz I don’t like skinny skinny tires. and I am thinking about dropping the gears to a bare bare minimum. also something not to expensive. so all you bike riders out there.. let me know what you think. I talked to my friend who lives and works near me. and she said that it wasn’t that big of a deal. you sweat a lot - so you bring your clothes with you. but that it was nice. and terrifying. that is the part I am leery about. but I will get a helmet. it will rule.

ok I am hungry now. lunch time.