this is pretty funny. as is this. I made a bunch of entries today. this is nice.

i talked to morgan a couple tiems today on aim. it is kinda weird. with every conversation my feelngs and emotions start bouncing up and down. it is like I am getting beat up and I get to dodge fifty percent of the punchs.

on one side I totally understand how this sort of thing happens. on the other side I haven’t a clue and am really sad. then I bounce up and I notice that it is totall fine. just not dating or whatever. then I drop again and am depressed and feel sick. it isn’t very fun. I just wish I coudl get to a point where it would be somewhat normal. but my current idea of normality includes her as my girlfriend. so I have to modify that and make sure that I am not tricking myself. it is rough. but it is also something to work though. whee. heh. yea. whee indeed.

in other news. the last place I want to be right now is work. I might go see a movie again today.

i am ok.