so tonight was really nice. I went to eat with matt, matt, jenny and hiromi at irazu. we just hung out and talked shit. I ended up buyng hiromi’s old ibook to make a picture frame computer. it should be pretty nice. it is strewn about the living room onw. much to te bemusement of my roommates I imagine. heh. after irazu we came back her and took apart the ibook. it ruled. I also talked a bit to morgan which was nice. it seems that things maybe looking up. we are going to give the whole situation some time to see how it plays out. I relaly miss her. which is good and bad. anyway.. after we talked - chris and brian picked me up and we went to home depot and purchased 30 boxes to help him move. we then went to sushi wabi and had some “birthday” sushi with claudia. I relaly like those guys. they were all honestly concerned and supportive. I really enjoy them. after a delightful meal we went to chris’s house and picked up some stuff. then went to watusi. heh. fun fun.

then I went to bed. I will prolly put pictures up shortly.