this is an incredible headline. maybe the best fark headline I have ever seen. today I stumbled accross banksy’s site. his stencil work is out of control. it was really busy this mornign so i mirrored it. I also ordered some of his work. nice work. that is.

i am feeling very weird. my conversation with morgan last night gave me some much needed hope. but it also stirred all my emotions up into a mess of colors. it created a sense of hope that I don’t want to be false. I hate looking forward towards something that I really want to be true. once again the “planner” part of my personality gets involved and I start concentrating on this supposed future action. the problem being that I will end up waiting and hopeing for something that doesn’t happen. I hope that isn’t the case this time. ;) it all seems very positive. so I am looking up towards jesus to guide me. I feel, that however this turns out, it will be positive. I just really do miss her.

i just spent the last 8 minutes listening to an old alec empire track - wondering why my head/ears were confused. and before that I inadvertently listened to an AIR live track for 45 minutes. wtf.

here are some picture from last night. here and here are the ibook being taken apart. here is a comparison of my laptop with the ibook. hehe. I could hide my laptop inside the ibook. easily. hehe. here is an action shot from home depot. rock!

so my new phone is pretty dope. however. I am having a hell of a time uploading pictures to the weblog. for some reason the mms is broked with tmobile. it totally sucks. cuz that is the only way I have to upload pics. also. with the t610 it was super easy. like 4 clicks. with the 6600 it is a billion clicks. I guess it will be a lot better when MMS works. but I am still pissed. stupid wap 2.0. stupid euro phones.