i feel better. even matt said I looked and acted more chilled out. I really feel more chilled out. morgan and I talked and came to a point where we are in the same space/place. I think it will work out. we obviously have to redefine our relationship. and how we work together. but that is totally fine and completely appropriate. I think she said it best with an analogy to the gears in a car. going from 3rd gear to 1st. obviously there are some hiccups but we get to keep driving. hahahah. omg. I can’t believe I just typed that. must resist urge to modify. haha.

this whole situation has put my blog back in to a journal state which is interesting. for a long time it was pretty much link posting and commentary. I haven’t really posted much super personal stuff. I keep getting asked if it is weird to post shit like this. I think it is totally weird - but it is also super cathartic for me. and I really feel it helps me think. I usually write something then go back and edit it and revise it. and finally I have my thoughts sorted out. so.. I guess I could do it in notepad or something. but I am a blogger. heh. I wonder if I should start swearing in my blogs more. I cuss like a sailor. however I usually keep the blog friendly. heh. I will think about it. ;)

tonight was juggling club. before hand I ate at johnnys grill - which is super sketchy at times - this was one of those times. I totally felt a little woozy afterwards and wanted to lay down. but I had to juggle and yoyo a bunch. haha. it ruled. I like hanging out with matiss and mark. then I came home and laid around. watched pirates of the carribean. and screwed around with my fancy ibook picture frame. I separated all the non-essential parts and then put it in an old amazon box. it even booted in the amazon box. I think this project rules. it is a lot of fun working with matt. heh. I think we are going to find a really nice frame and set it in there. I am still incredibly surprised how freaking thin it ended up once I stripped all the non-essential pieces out. the next step is writing an application to do all the things we want our fancy picture frame to do. I think we want it to display pictures we define, display pictures we email it, and display pictures from nata2.info. also there should be a new ticker mode that will display all our blogs and news feeds. possibly stream cspan. hahah. something else maybe. I would like to also incorporate it into some webapp. so that web users can mess with it as well. maybe have a text scroller along the bottom that will last for 10 minutes per message or something. I was thinking of doing it all in flash and php/xml. it will rule. I will of course relase the application and let yall play.

now sleep. I gotta 8:30 meeting with my boss in the morning. hopefully it will be good. I don’t think I could really handle any more strife right now. ;)