i just hate the fact that I am unable to use MMS.

i seriously need to save my money. I am always running out of money. wtf. I guess my fasion lifestyle I established when I was a baller doesn’t transcend well to the non-baller status I am currently exhibiting. doh! or lack there of. :(

i say this rant as I prepare to go out to sushi and a super (hah) club with my friends later. it is going to be really fun. I think that the people who will be in attendence are: chris, claudia, virgin tears guys, hiromi, mark, matt, derek, kari, morgan and myself. it is gunna rule. <3 clubs with friends. seirously. so much fun. we are supposed to meet at sushi wabi for dinner at around 9. which should be FULL of fun. a bucket.

so things with morgan seem to have cleared up a bit. it is nice. she came over and we just hung out and played games. exactly what I wanted to do. I really like her and it is nice that things have worked out for the better. last weekend was pretty sad - but I think it will make our relationship stronger. and more resilent to nuclear war. I hate nuclear war - however I love nucular war. Love.

i need to get a frame so we can mount my ibook friend. however I think I need to reinstall osx before that (mostly cuz I have to put the cdrom back in ;)). I am really excited about it. I think it is going to turn out really well. if it looks at all like a picture I will be so happy. one of the things I have to figure out is how to remove all the power saving features from osX. so that the screen doesn’t blank or anything. also I need to figure out how to control it. I am thinking about useing a infrared remote. I think that would be awesome. but there is also always bluetooth. one of the funniest things about this project is how I have two audreys sitting in my room doing nothing. just chilling. wtf. haha. they could easily become internet terminals. haha. umm whatever. I wish I coudl get QNX to boot on the ibook. then it woudl be really really easy to create this app. or maybe linux. hmm. I guess I will have to invetigate a bit.

morgan has a hair show this weekend. I wonder what her hair will be like on sunday. heh. I LOVE crazy hair cuts. my new one is so awesome. its theme was “camaro.” hah. it looks it. I almost have a crew cut with a mullet/rattail. hah. awesome.

speaking of camaros. I think I may still be getting one. I keep finding local ones for aroun 1200 and that seems reasonable. I am thinkign that I will sell my car and spend half of that money buying a camaro. then giving morgan, matt and joe free reign to “fix” it up. I just hope we don’t have to add a t-top. that seems like it would be a pain.

i made a lite version of the nata2 blogs page for all yall with pdas, sidekicks and cool cell phones. so yea. I am a fan of divs and css. if only I was a designer and had skillz in the design field.

hah. if only I was a speller and had skillz in the spelling field.

so back to my new phone. I relaly like it. however I think the OS is a bit kludgy. it really annoys me. like startign the camera is not relaly instantaneous. for $400 it shoudl be damn fast. also - the selection of applications is a little ot be desired.

i wish a mobloging standard would emerge. I should start emailing people around the community. if we all adopted a way of mobloging with these phones - then maybe a good application will emerge and mobloging will be easy and fun. it could be xmlrpc based or whatever. right now I am using email - which works but I feel there HAS to be a better way to do it.