so this weekend has been nice. on friday my coworkers and myself went to the hard rock cafe bar and met my friend winnie for drinks. she works there and was able to hook us up a bit which offset the billion dollars the drinks normally would have cost. it was a nice place. pretty chilled out - however around 5:30 - it started to get pretty full and crazy. after that I went and picked up some buttons at busy beaver. that place is so awesome. after that I went home and relaxed. it was so nice to chill out. morgan arrived and we left for sushi wabi. morgan was wearing this awesome dress. sometimes I really wish I was a woman so I could wear fancy clothes. I get so tired of being a rocker. hah. anyway. at sushi wabi we all hung out. felix showed me this video he shot of me. it is pretty funny. actually it is really silly. but it was shot with his cell phone. the p900 which puts mine to shame :( heh. however we geeked out and properly played bluetooth. I taught him to bluejack and now the universe is solid. dinner was really fun. it is nice to play around with all those people. they are all so nice. morgan is getting into sushi so that is also fun. she ordered some sashimi last time. it rules. I am such a an of good sushi. I could probably eat a lot of it every day. heh. until of course I got tired of it. in a week. or a couple days. umm. yea. soo… after sushi wabi I went to crobar with all those cats. crobar, as usual, was insane. we all hung out. matt, hiromi, derek, kari, kayne and julie. it ruled. chris was djing with the virgin tears in vip. and felix had a good set. I got tired and left at about 3. but not before attempting to trick everyone into hanging out. I think I was successful. haha. it ruled. I have no idea whats going on. ;). so then I came home and slept until saturday.

satruday night I hung out with laura, matiss and hiromi at lula. it was pretty chilled out. then I went to nicks(accidently) and hung out with nick. telo and greg picked me up and we went to roys party. then we went and saw jeff mills at vision. he is quite good. I got home late and slept until 12. I like to sleep.

today we walked to wicker park and got lunch. it was nice. sometimes I am not into eating during the day. it is pretty weird.

tonight we are going rezas to get some foood. it is sorta for my birthday. since I didn’t go last week. I have collected a bunch of friends. it will be nice. I am excited.

i have a couple links to share. first one is this one about RFID tags and the number of the beast. it is funny. 666. hah. the next is about this lady who rides her motorcycle through chernobyl. it is pretty insane. mostly the pictures are insane. I don’t often have a chance to see pictures of desolation without strife. not that chernobyl wasn’t strife but it wasn’t the same as a war. but anyway.. the pictures are strangely beautiful.

i am thinking about writing a letter. I hate to write thuogh. well hate is an interesting word.. I really don’t like to write - cuz I have such horrible handwriting. but I may write one anyway. ok.

i have got to have a discussion on blogs on here.