so I sent my boss notice today that I will be taking friday the 9th of april off. this means that I am officially upgrading my servers in the near future. this increases the stress level and my need to work. ;) no more hanging out. haha. well a little hanging out. it won’t take that much time really. I magically and with great luck configured my other box so upgrading should (should) be pretty straight forward. however - no upgrade is easy and straight forward. ;). I just ordered a switch. I am rebuilding my firewall. I am reevaluating whether or not I should leave my old box there as a shell. I am leaning against it. but it woudl be super super nice. heh. but it would also be expensive for a high bandwidth shell. when really. I already have one. so I will probably remove it. but whatever. we shall see.

i am pretty upset about my brash behavoir this weekend. heh. I wasn’t a good friend really. it is weird. I guess everyone goes through those quick moments where they cross the line and regret what they said. it wasn’t even that bad. or.. well.. the intention wasn’t that bad. the outcome may or may not have been bad. eep.

well hopefully I will be eating soon. I am hungry. while my server is being reborn and detecting DHCP. I need to acquire some much needed sustenance.