and freaked out a bit. I finally calmed down and found out that it will all be ok. I wasn’t freaking out about anything in particular. just freaking out. more of a nervous situation than anything. it was pretty weird. it is funny when you create scenerios in your head and they matter SOOO much - yet 15 minutes later you are like.. “ehh whatever.” basically I woke up, went home, saw that my servers where blowing up. freaked out. freaked out about other stuff. fixed my servers. took a shower. thought about my freaking out all the way to work. drank pop. had a meeting where I became in charge. suddenly it seemed so insignificant.

i must be tired

i obviously need to go to sleep early tonight. I tihnk that will be a good plan. I am pretty excited about sleeping. hah. I might even attempt ot leave work a bit early and get a head start on a nap. I haven’t been napping as I should. whatever. I just need to remember to take care of myself. whatever. taking care of yourself is totally overrated.

i finally rebuilt my ipod after destroying it. it suddenly wasn’t able to figure out what songs were already on the ipod and what songs were not on the ipod. it was super annoying. so all yesterday I only had 2g of mp3s(the travesty). so I rebuilt it and filled it up with all of my favorites. all 7152 of my favorite songs. wtf. ipods are insane. I guess I need a bigger one. haha. it is also pretty insane to think that I have purchased 366 songs from the itunes store. I may have a problem. when this first came out I was like “awesome, no more money spent at virgin.” however. I was totally tricked. but yea. my library consists 9559 songs. I am so close to 10000. that is pretty cool. what else is crazy is that I own probably 95% of the songs. that extra 500 songs which I don’t own are either risdual from the napstar days - or are friends bands.

i am nodding off. so sleepy.

last night I hung out with morgan and her aunt. it was pretty cool. we ate at harry cary’s and then went to the signature lounge. hah. it was pretty funny. both of those places are places I only go with people from out of town. morgan’s aunt works for Alien technology. they make RFID stuff. it is pretty fun stuff it seems. I relaly want to learn more so I can screw with the eycards and become soemone else. I once was able to change the resistance of the card or whaver by slicing a small chunk of it off. the door guy was all “wtf this isn’t you.” and I looked. it wasn’t me at all. which leads me to believe that you can manipulate those cards with knives and scissors.

i am cold
i am goign to finish eating my meal I purchased almost 2 hours ago. it is sooo fresh and so clean.

this is funny, but you probably already saw it. if you have - you shoudl check out the songs in the itunes library. rather humorous.

i made really good headway on my server/firewall today. I am happy.