The shirt I am wearing to day is far too small. heh. it isn’t relaly “far” too small - just enough wear I feel awkward wearing it. and it is BRIGHT purple. I got it about 6 months ago. and I thought it fit. so I hung it up and then put it on prolly 2 months afte I got it. I then was like “wtf, did I grow” - cuz it didn’t fit at all. heh. so I put it away. and then yesterday I tried it on again and it was “sorta” ok. so I wore it today and BAM. it doesn’t fit. and it is bright. so everyone looks at it. hah. whoops. whatever.

twista is good. when I first heard his name, I was sure he was from some sketchy group like ICP or something. but he is really good. I really like the “like a 24” song. ;)

i just got MMS working on my phone. I am unhappy though cuz it shrinks the picture. so I will have to figure out a better way of doing the photoblog. well maybe not. email works pretty good. or maybe I should do the photolog in mms and then have my gallery based archive be the realsize. it would totally help the bandwidth and load issues when I have taken 1 billion pictures with my phone. haha.