This weekend was good. on friday there was a blond redhead show. I was initially a bit scared that they woudn’t represent their recorded music well - but I was wrong. they did a great job. as soon as the women started singing, it was apparent that her talent wasn’t based on some studio tricks. after the concert I went and hung out a bit with morgn and alan. then sleep. oh precious precious sleep. then. I woke up. I woke up freaked out. haha. it didn’t rule. however I figured it out. and BAM was better.

i then went to a dope version fest meeting and hung out with all those fellows.

then I went home and immediately went to the BFA show. it was pretty good. a FUCK load of art. seriously a bunch of art. possibly too much. a friend of morgans was in a portrait. it was funny. we then went to chicago diner where I had a bunch of food very quickly. then I broke. hah. I then took food to morgan - who is sickish. hopefully she will be better soon. and then we went to a party. hiromi , alan and a blurry morgan were all present - and an assload of morgans friends - who I entertained with yoyo tricks as soon as the police left ;) you have no idea how illegal unsanctioned yoyo tricks are.

this is a horrible entry.

listen to this. it is my friend amjad. he is pretty funny.

today I am going to code ALL day
and finish my taxes.

i just purchased a bunch of crazy hip hop to accompany me tonight. it shoudl rule.